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Years of experience & customer satisfaction

The Zworkz team have years of experience and skill in the developing and designing of custom-made awnings and outdoor structures.

The favoured aspect is our unique design of hidden brackets, the structure becomes an extension to your home rather than an add on. In addition, the latest roofing materials keep you protected no matter what the season with 99.9% UV protection, hail resistance, wind resistant, anti glare, heat protection and so the list goes on to protect you from New Zealand’s fickle weather and harmful UV rays.

Aesthetics are important and if you want a structure that has unique character and charm with a flair of artistic expression then we can assist you.

The team behind Zworkz

Zworkz Limited is made up of a team of talented artists, builders, engineers, roofers, installer’s, manufacturers, and fabricators.

Together they have refined and perfected the design and development of outdoor structures to cater for a plethora of  client's individual tastes and requirements . Each member loves a challenge and with their artistic vision will not settle for less than the best.

We pride ourselves on top quality workmanship and expertise from start to finish.